[AUDIO] China hardens stance against Libyan air strikes
March 25, 2011 | No Comment

This article was originally published on France24.com
The Chinese government stepped up its criticism on Thursday of US and European air strikes on Libya. “We believe that the objective of enforcing the U.N. Security Council resolution is …

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[VIDEO] BBC: The Chinese are Coming (part 1)
March 26, 2011 | No Comment

In this three part series on China’s surging international reach, the BBC’s Justin Rowland travels across a slice of Africa to explore the impact that the Chinese are having on the continent. He does an excellent job conveying the complexities of Sino-African ties, particularly at the grassroots level.

[AUDIO] CTP Podcast: Huawei’s Failure to Crack the US Market
March 2, 2011 | No Comment
[AUDIO] CTP Podcast: Huawei’s Failure to Crack the US Market

China Talking Points Podcast: The Huawei Challenge by ChinaTalkingPoints

Chinese telecommunications manufacturer Huawei is 0-2 in its bid to acquire American technology companies that begin with the letter “3.”  Their first attempt was back in …

[AUDIO] CTP Podcast – Debt & Dissent
February 23, 2011 | No Comment
[AUDIO] CTP Podcast – Debt & Dissent

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China & US Military Comparison
February 1, 2011 | No Comment
China & US Military Comparison

Force comparison between China & the US.

China’s Military Spending
January 25, 2011 | No Comment
China’s Military Spending

So to my mind, the question to ask is not whether China will continue to modernize their military -they will and should. The question for us to track in the news is insight into their strategic goals, and the key issue for our security is a lack of transparency.

Stealthy Fighter or Stealth Sensationalism
January 5, 2011 | One Comment
Stealthy Fighter or Stealth Sensationalism

A small rant.
In an article in yesterday’s New York Times, potential testing of a new stealth fighter by the Chinese Military was featured over the Defense Secretary Gates’ visit to Beijing.  Later editions of the …

[VIDEO] Economist Sanou Mbaye on the growth of Sino-African civil society ties
December 28, 2010 | No Comment

Senegalese author and economist Sanou Mbaye recently appeared on African Business News (CNBC’s African affiliate network) to talk about the development of civil society relations among African, Chinese and Western intellectuals.  Mbaye was among a …

[VIDEO] Chinese students in France not making the grade
December 21, 2010 | One Comment

In the United States, overseas Chinese students have a well-deserved reputation for ‘blowing the curve.’  That is, often Chinese students are among the top in the class and, thus, make it difficult for other students …

[VIDEO] The Chinese in Africa: Profile of Yu Yuan
December 19, 2010 | One Comment

Vimeo user Yara Costa produced a very interesting short video that profiles Ghanian-based Chinese technology entrepreneur Yu Yuan.  This is an especially compelling video as it highlights a number of key themes related to the emergence of …

[VIDEO] China’s Rush to Build Global Media Brands
December 16, 2010 | One Comment
[VIDEO] China’s Rush to Build Global Media Brands

Al Jazeera’s excellent international media affairs program “The Listening Post” featured a report this week on China’s ambitions to create a global media brand with this year’s launch of CNC World.  I was featured in …

[VIDEO] Richard Dowden: The Pros & Cons of China in Africa
December 15, 2010 | No Comment

In a very interesting video blog posted on “Big Think,” the head of the Royal African Society in London, Richard Dowden, shares his views on the pros and cons of how the Chinese are engaging …