CTP Podcast: International Perspectives on Bo Xilai Case

五月 1st, 2012


Eric & Michael discuss the international media coverage and public perceptions of the Bo Xilai case.


The Bo Xilai scandal and the Western media by ChinaAfricaProject

[AUDIO] CTP Podcast – China’s bin-Laden Aftermath

五月 11th, 2011

Almost no one is focusing on this huge story over how the Chinese are taking advantage of the rift in U.S.-Pakistan ties in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s killing to increase their influence in Afghanistan/Pakistan.  We had a great discussion in our latest CTP Podcast. Let us know what you think.




China Talking Points Podcast: China’s post-bin Laden Foreign Policy by ChinaTalkingPoints

(English) [AUDIO] CTP Podcast-China’s ‘Haves-and-Have Nots’

三月 29th, 2011

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(English) [VIDEO] BBC: The Chinese are Coming (part 1)

三月 26th, 2011


[AUDIO] CTP Podcast: China’s Libya Policy-A Debrief with Deborah Brautigam

三月 26th, 2011

[AUDIO] CTP Podcast – Nuclear Energy In China

三月 25th, 2011

(English) [AUDIO] China hardens stance against Libyan air strikes

三月 25th, 2011

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[AUDIO] CTP Podcast: China’s Religious Revival

三月 13th, 2011

(English) [AUDIO] CTP Podcast: Huawei’s Failure to Crack the US Market

三月 2nd, 2011

[AUDIO] CTP Podcast – Debt & Dissent

二月 23rd, 2011