China Pushes North Korea Talks – With What Aim?

Six Party TalksAs many in China are undoubtedly aware of, China has publicly called for more Six-Party Talks on North Korea nuclear matters. As reported here on The Nuclear Threat Initiative’s website this support comes after a series of meetings and visits by diplomats working on the disarmament issue.

At the same time, China publicly discouraged North Korea from adopting a succession plan (as reported by Bloomberg). It is notable that China said this request was made some time ago.

From a new cycle perspective, it is interesting to see this come up after a spate of articles and op-ed pages talked about how threatening China is. On the one hand, the Chinese government seems to be doing the right thing by attempting to counter-balance negative news with a reminder that they do help with global security matters. But at the same time, this may be taken as somewhat self-serving and the timing may be too close to the recent negative articles to get much attention.

While the actions are real, and the role played by China important, American opinion will be more affected by sustained dialogue and actual results more than the delayed revelation that China said something to a relative of the dear leader.

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