China’s View of Itself and the World

Percent Satisfied with Country’s Direction 87% 36% 53% 22%
Percent Who View US as World’s Leading Economic Power 41% 48% 63% 58%
Percent Satisfied with Household Income 64% 71% 91% 51%
Percent of Population Who View China Favorably 95% 50% 46% 16%

I pulled some data from Pew’s recent data on global attitudes.  No need to go into great detail here, but I believe they conduct some of the most useful research around and I trust it a lot more than I do public opinion inferences from sundry commercial market research studies.

It is also important to note that I generally trust polling numbers in China that discuss individual outlook on the world.  I think they may be infused with pride and boosterism, but I can account for that in my read.

I think it is quite interesting to note the satisfaction Chinese people have with their country’s direction, and yet their satisfaction with their household income is the lowest of the countries I’ve highlighted here.  That seems like a powerful combination that demonstrates a country motivated to achieve.


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