[VIDEO] Chinese truck dealers in Gabon

China’s newest all news network, Tantao.com, featured a report on a Chinese truck dealership in Gabon.  Two things are interesting about this piece: 1) the fact that a Chinese network is now actively reporting from somewhere as remote as Gabon.  The Chinese have long promised that their international news will do a better job covering the developing world and now we are beginning to see the results from that initiative.  2) The Chinese instincts for compelling propaganda still leave quite a bit to be desired.   The message “low cost and high quality” comes through loud and clear in this segment.  The anchor, in fact, reinforces the point at the end with a tag just for good measure in case you did not understand the point in the report itself.  Snarky criticisms aside, this is an interesting piece and hopefully the first of many to come from both the Chinese and international media.

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