Cross-Cultural Management


Innovations in intercultural training

From relocation to integration

Cendant Mobility: Intercultural Management Training/China Trends

Mind the gap: Shortfalls in developing leaders (Chinese)
Bringing the coaching culture to life in China;col1

“a training culture has simply not yet started to evolve in the world’s most populous country.”

Chinese businesses lack global skills and perspective

Chinese often think and talk in principle and abstract terms,” Zhao
[Qizheng, dean of the School of Communications at Renmin University]
said, adding that some Chinese were too indulgent in professional or
political jargon with little concrete meaning to get their ideas across
even to the common Chinese, let alone their overseas guests or partners.
Famous Scholar Yu Qiuyu
communication with other world cultures, Yu Qiuyu believes Chinese
people should readjust their look at their own culture from an
international perspective. This will help them better communicate with
the rest of the world in every aspect
Yu Qiuyu’s name will be forever linked with the promotion of public understanding of Chinese and world cultures.”
An Analysis of Business Challenges Faced by Foreign Multinationals Operating the Chinese Market
Expanding into China? What foreign employers should know about human resource management in China today.
Preventing Expatriate Failure – A Research on the Expatriate Selection and Training
Analyzing work attitudes of Chinese employees: a comparison between state-owned and privately-owned enterprises in China
Foreign Firms in China: Facing Human Resources Challenges in a Transitional Economy

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