Deborah Brautigam: The Real Story of China in Africa

If the China in Africa research business has a superstar than the “it girl” of the moment is Professor Deborah Brautigam of the American University.  Professor Brautigam is the author of “The Dragon’s Gift: the Real Story of China in Africa, one of the first widely published and well reviewed books on the subject.  Admittedly, I have not read it yet but I feel as if I have given the amazing amount of exposure the book has received over the past several months since she went out on an impressive intercontinental book tour.  My “China in Africa” and “Chinese in Africa” Google Alerts are dominated by her appearances, blog entries and comments on her book.  It’s quite impressive and gives hope to aspiring authors on the subject, ahem… such as your humble blogger… that there is an audience for this type of analysis.   She also hosts an interesting blog discussion over at “China in Africa: The Real Story.”  Recently, she appeared before the National Committee on U.S.-China relations to discuss the issue that is available here on You Tube.


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