Oprah’s Interview with Chen Luyu on the Media in China

TheOprahWinfreyShowIt is hard to overstate Oprah Winfrey’s cultural influence in the United States.  She is widely regarded as a critically important cultural weather vane.  Few other broadcasters in the USA have an audience as large as the size of her 8 million weekly viewers.  In the Fall of 2009, Oprah hosted a special show on the celebrities that Americans have never seen.  Among those she featured was Phoenix talk-show host Chen Luyu whose show “A Date with Lu Yu” (鲁豫有约) is basically a carbon copy design of Oprah’s.  What was so interesting about Oprah’s interview with Lu Yu was the simplistic level of knowledge that she has about China.  In so many ways, the basic nature of her questions highlights the very base understanding that the majority of Americans have about China.  This is instructive for many Chinese who often overestimate how much the average American knows about China.

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