Preparing for Future Competition with China

China GearsZogby International was commissioned by CNBC to poll of likely voters regarding their economic outlook and opinion about various policies that could be adopted. The poll is notable because it included questions about perceptions towards China – parsing out correlation between economic views and views toward China is a key point of interest these days.

See more results on the Zogby survey here:

It is important to note that surveys of “likely voters” don’t always reflect the same opinions of the general population, but the sentiments of likely voters are what influence congress. Divergence in views from the general population is an topic for another post.

It appears there is support for protectionist trade policies and that China looms largest as an “economic enemy”. At the same time, a majority of those polled felt that we can compete effectively against the Chinese. That said, most felt we were not doing enough to prepare the next generation for competing in the “global market place”.

To me, that means that there is finally a growing recognition that Americans don’t know enough about the world at large. This is a good thing because even though we might adopt protectionist policies in the short term. In the long term, an agenda that includes deepening the next generation’s global sensibility should generate a more collaborative international outlook.

Partial Poll results below (all results here)

Are You In Favor Of More Protectionist Policies Against China?
(A) Yes – 43%
(B) No – 33%
(C) Not Sure – 24%

Which Of The Following Best Describes Your View Of China?
(A) An Economic Partner – 21%
(B) An Economic Enemy – 39%
(C) Neither – 32%
(D) Not Sure – 8%

Do You Think The American Worker Can Effectively Compete Against The Chinese?
(A) Yes – 56%
(B) No – 38%
(C) Not Sure – 7%

Do You Think Green Jobs Will Help Revive America’s Economy?
(A) Yes – 50%
(B) No – 43%
(C) Not Sure – 8%

Do You Think Government Should Do More To Promote Green-Based Initiatives?
(A) Yes – 53%
(B) No – 40%
(C) Not Sure – 7%

Are We Doing Enough To Train Younger Americans To Compete On The Global Stage?
(A) Yes – 9%
(B) No – 83%
(C) Not Sure – 9%

Do You Think Your Children’s Future Will Be Brighter Than Your Own?
(A) Yes – 25%
(B) No – 46%
(C) Not Sure – 29%


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