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CTP Podcast – The Influence of Chinese Media

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

media1What is to become of China’s effort to establish its own Al-Jazeera?  Will it be a global propaganda arm selling a centrally controlled story via TV, or will it be an introspective new voice reporting via a multi-national editorial team in a purposefully fragmented manner? Eric and I spoke about his personal experience with state media outlets and his own reflections on this latest effort by China to have the world hear its side of the story.  We’ve got three recommendations for readers who wish to make their own prognostications: 1) Study The Domestic Media The domestic media outlets function in an entirely different manner than the international state-owned media channels in China.  Follow the business developments of Shanghai Media Group, Southern Weekend, Phoenix and BaiDu. 2) Who’s Running the New Network Will China bring in foreign experts with editorial freedom to develop stories as they see fit?  Regardless of foreign management involvement (which may be an unlikely benchmark to await), will the stories carry the same language of the apparatchiks? 3) Will It be Eclipsed by User Generated Content Mobile Phones, Blogs, citizen journalism and independent media are already alive and being incorporated into domestic media content.  It feeds a more open dialogue within China, it could also help accomplish China’s goals in a more authentic manner internationally. (Apologies in advance for some audio quality issues with this podcast.)

3 Reasons to be Skeptical of China’s Plan to Build Media Empires

Friday, October 9th, 2009

media1Another year, another plan by China’s propaganda divisions to build giant media empires that it feels will help better position the country in the global media marketplace.  After the Olympic torch relay debacle last year, plans surfaced that Beijing feels that its side of the story is not getting out there.  So the 2008 plan  was to build an Al Jazeera-style all news network to rival CNN, the BBC and France24, now this year they want to expand beyond news to create full-scale media empires.


Is “Chinese Innovation” an oxymoron?

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

innovation1Li Kaifu (李開復) is the closest thing China has to a web 2.0 rock star.  No one else in China’s small circle of technology titans comes close to achieving the international name recognition and buzz this guy generates.  For starters, the mere fact that he was the object of a Google-Microsoft love triangle that ended him fleeing one tech giant for the other is enough to give this guy major props.  That said, separating the noise from the signal on his actual accomplishments is brutally difficult not just because it’s China but also because of the very nature of his former benefactors who themselves have very little to show for all their effort in China.