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China’s Enters its own “Bush-Cheney Phase”

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

bush cheneyAtlantic Monthly correspondent James Fallows has coined a wonderful expression to summarize a series of controversial Chinese decisions over the past year: the new “Bush-Cheney Phase.” The stunning news that Google and China are about to embark on a high-stakes face-off coming on the heels of Beijing’s more assertive stance at the U.N. climate conference along with the December sentencing of dissident Liu Xiaobo to 11 years in prison all prompt new questions as to whether we are entering a phase where the Chinese are far less concerned about how their decisions are perceived internationally.

The “Bush-Cheney” era in American politics was characterized by pure “Realpolitk” where needs of American national security interests were paramount.  When Fallows talks of China entering its own “Bush-Cheney” phase he is referring to a policy making (more…)