The Chinese in Africa: Recommended Multi-Media

There is some excellent journalism emerging about the growing influence of China in places like the Democratic Republic of Congo.  A great starting point is the BBC Newsnight mini-documentary hosted by correspondent Tim Whewll.  Click below to view the story (opens in a new window):

Fast-Company-Logo_350x92 The U.S. business magazine Fast Company produced an excellent multi-part series on China in Africa that provides a well-written overview of the key challenges facing China in the region.  Reporter Richard Behar’s report is just over a year old but nonetheless offers quite a bit of valuable facts on the issue.

Time More recently, Time Magazine wrote a piece that mirrored many of my observations: China Woos Africa and not just for its Natural Resources.

Nytlogo152x23 And for some insights on China’s use of government loans to African countries, the New York Times ran a story this past week on Beijing’s new drive to provide 10 billion dollars in low interest loans to various governments across Africa. The use of low interest loans and grants by China is an interesting trend to follow as this financing can be used a lever against the West and its multinational NGOs who often attach political reform strings to their financing packages whereas the Chinese have much looser terms.

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