[VIDEO] Chinese students in France not making the grade

In the United States, overseas Chinese students have a well-deserved reputation for ‘blowing the curve.’  That is, often Chinese students are among the top in the class and, thus, make it difficult for other students to compete academically.  In France, there is an entirely different concern, one that blows away this narrative of overseas Chinese students being such academic powerhouses.  Instead, the fear is that the quality of Chinese university students is so low that it’s potentially weighing down the higher education system.

In this France 2 report (re-broadcast on France 24), French education officials contend that they are attracting only those Chinese students who were unsuccessful in entering the Chinese university system and have chosen to come to France as some sort of back-up choice.  The fact that many of these foreign students do not speak French very well and may be struggling to adapt to France’s notoriously rigid educational system are also of concern.

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