[VIDEO] Unreported World: China’s African Takeover

Before the Francis’ brother impressive documentary “When China Met Africa” was broadcast on BBC4, rival UK network Channel 4 ITV produced “China’s African Takeover” in 2008.  Reporter Aidan Hartley and producer travel through Zambia and the DR Congo to document conditions in Chinese-run mine and agricultural operations.  In general, they paint a very grim picture of the conditions that local workers endure under Chinese management and it provides a sobering overview of the harsh realities on the ground that confront both Chinese and Africans alike.

While this production is two years old, it nonetheless remains worthwhile viewing.

Segment 2

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Segment 3

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  1. miragecity says:

    I wonder how common the Chinese companies hire children in Africa. It used to be problem back in China, but over the years children labor has largely disappeared in China.

    The point is, I think Chinese companies in Africa mostly echo their behaviors back in China. There are certainly some bad practices such as lower wage, bad working condition, but things are improving in China due to domestic pressure. I heard some of the African countries’ labor standard are even better than that of China’s. I hope the Chinese companies can learn the good things from Africa and also bring what is improving in China to Africa.

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